Wesatyn Inc. is a global provider of progressive engineering solutions. Based in Hamilton, Ontario – the Steel Capital of Canada – Wesatyn proudly services companies the world over.

With multiple large design-build projects throughout the past 30 years, and with more than 40 years of combined experience in the design, retrofit and upgrading of base building structures, mechanical systems, lighting, automation and operating efficiency programs Wesatyn is taking the lead within the international engineering community.

In their dedication to the science of innovation Wesatyn engineers have become known for achieving landmark solutions to common engineering problems, most notably the problem of reducing energy expenditures.

With energy costs hitting new highs it’s vital that companies implement cost effective and sustainable energy management solutions. Efficiency translates into profit, and Wesatyn Engineers are seasoned efficiency experts.

Whether your needs are any or all of the mechanical, structural, electrical/automation or energy management variety, our Engineers are equipped with an eye for annovation, and the expertise to develop practical solutions that not only meet your specific requirements, but also dispense with potential problems before they arise.

Our Vision:
Ensuring the efficient and environmentally sustainable utilization of energy resources..

Our Mission:
Provide innovative, practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that always surpass our client’s expectations.

Our Values:
Commitment, versatility, integrity and expertise.

Corporate Description:
Wesatyn Inc. is a privately owned Canadian engineering corporation that offers over 40 years of combined expertise and experience in global innovation.

Our engineers have an established track record of delivering practical and economically viable solutions that improve performance, productivity and profits for our clients.

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