Building Automation Systems (BAS) consist of an intelligent network of devices that control, log and monitor heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, lighting, building security and access systems within a building. Wesatyn’s BAS solutions consist of an optimal mix of technology, price and experience. With project experience in systems development, integration and the appropriate selection of hardware, Wesatyn is able to deliver the most cost effective and dependable automation solutions in the business.

Wesatyn BAS features:

  • Web interface and remote monitoring.
  • Detailed monitoring of system events.
  • Alerts generated to pagers, fax, cell phone or email.
  • All trends, alerts and alarms archived within a user-friendly database.

Wesatyn is also one of the few engineering firms to offer complete Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for any retail business, logistics or manufacturing environment. Wesatyn has developed RFID solutions for:

  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Logistics
  • People and Vehicle Access
  • Inventory Control
  • Document Control and Tracking
  • Electronic Lab Management Systems

As an added value to our clients Wesatyn can also provide single point transactional POS terminals that can reduce transaction costs by 15-30%.

To optimize the value of our BAS solutions Wesatyn does not promote or endorse any specific product. All Wesatyn automation hardware products are compatible with open protocol. This eliminates any dependence on devices manufactured by a specific original equipment manufacturer. Wesatyn engineers develop solutions that are unique to each project and then find the ideal configuration of hardware and user-friendly software, complete with graphical user interface (GUI) and sensors. Wesatyn engineers work for you, our client, not the product manufacturers.

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